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BKOOL Cycling simulator - User's manual

1. Download and installation

2. Logging in to BKOOL Cycling

3. Main screen

4. Starting a session

5. User profile

6. Search sessions

7. Session types


9. Session screen

10. Spectator mode

11. Friends

12. Settings

13. ERG mode


1. Download and installation

If you have a PC 💻 (Windows) or a Mac (OSx), you can download it from here.

In case you have an Android tablet or phone, find the BKOOL Cycling App on Google Play.

If you have an iPad (iOS), find the BKOOL Cycling App on the App Store.


2. Logging in to BKOOL Cycling

To access BKOOL Cycling, you need an internet connection and enter the email and password associated with your bkool.com account.

Remember to enable the ANT+ or Bluetooth connection on your device


3. Main screen


Gif 1 manual en.gif

In the session tab, you can see:

  • Session's name
  • Total distance (km/miles)
  • Cumulative elevation gain (meters/feet)
  • Average gradient percentage
  • Number of users in the session
  • Available views

Favorite sessions

What are Live sessions?

How do I schedule a session?


4. Starting a session


Gif punto 4 manual en.gif


Before entering an ongoing session, in addition to being able to see who is participating, you can see their current provisional ranking and the intensity at which they are riding in W/Kg.

You can also see the users who have finished and their position in the provisional ranking.

In each session setting, you can find explanatory texts about the features of that option:

  • Gear ratio, you can adjust your bike and trainer to match the difficulty of the route, based on your fitness level.
    • Standard: No changes, using your bike's current gear ratio.
    • Endurance: A slightly looser gear ratio, providing more leeway. This allows you to maintain a higher pedaling cadence, ideal for mixed terrains.
    • Mountain: A gear ratio designed to tackle the steepest slopes. Your bike will no longer be your biggest limitation when it comes to climbing high.
  • Required warm up (It is not possible to edit this option in live sessions created by other users).
  • Competitive mode.
  • Wind (if you enable this option, real time wind will be recreated).
  • Share data with other users during the activity. 
  • Real Weather.
  • Show opponents in the video.
  • You can decide at which point of the route you want to start by simply moving the position icon of your user along the profile of the route.


5. User profile 


Gif punto 5 manual en.gif

You can change your profile picture from bkool.com.


5.1. Edit profile


5.2. Avatar

Gif punto 5.2 manual en.gif


6. Search sessions

You will find the search option by accessing the menu, through the magnifying glass icon on the left-middle part.

Gif punto 6 manual en.gif


7. Session types

7.1. Routes


You can find road routes, stages of major cycling tours, circuits of well-known triathlons, all of this here. You can play all of them in 2D, and most of them also in real video and 3D.


7.2. Workouts


Power-based workouts. The simulator adjusts the resistance of your device so that you generate the same watts at all times. To have a good experience, it is essential to have taken an FTP test beforehand.



7.3. Velodrome


Replicates the sensations of indoor track cycling. Additionally, you can choose between two classic velodrome tests: the KM test and the hour record.



7.4. Test FTP


This test will allow you to assess your fitness level. You can choose between a short 5-minute test and a 20-minute one. It's crucial to take this test periodically, as the simulator adjusts your training zones based on the results you achieve.



Depending on the type of session, you will have different views available. You can switch between them by clicking the buttons that appear on the right, or by using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.



8.1. Routes

8.1.1. 3D view



In the 3D view, press the V key to change the perspective of the view.



8.1.2. Video view



8.1.3. Map view



8.2. Workouts


Whenever you do not have the video view disabled in the application settings, you can enjoy random videos during your workout.



Note: Workouts that are too long may not have video available.


8.3. Velodrome

In velodrome sessions, you have three views available.


8.3.1. Global view



8.3.2. 3D view


In the 3D view, press the V key to change the perspective of the view.


8.3.3. Video view



9. Session screen



9.1. Warm-up

In sessions where the 10-minute warm-up is not mandatory, the remaining time will appear along with a button that allows you to skip the warm-up and start directly.




In sessions where the 10-minute warm-up is mandatory, the remaining time will appear along with a text indicating that once the warm-up is completed, the session will begin.


After completing the session and clicking finish, you can do a few minutes of cool-down that will not be counted in the session data.


9.2. Head-up display 

The on-screen information can be minimized or hidden. During a session, you can choose from three data viewing modes.

ezgif.com-optimize 2.gif

During the warm-up, it is not possible to make this change, so it will remain expanded until the session starts. To switch between modes, press the down and up keys, or swipe your fingers in that direction on tablets.


9.3. Session's end

At the end of your session, you can save or discard it. If you save it, you can analyze the session data in the History section of Bkool.com. If you discard it, no data will be saved. Remember that saved sessions cannot be deleted, and sessions that are not saved cannot be recovered.



10. Spectator mode

This mode allows you to watch the progress of a session. You can follow its participants and send them words of encouragement.

You can access spectator mode in any of the sessions currently in progress. Click on it, and then on the spectator mode icon.

Select the cyclist you want to follow from the position list. You can write messages on the road or send text to the cyclist.

Changing the view is done in the same way as conducting a session, as well as the rest of the options.


Gif punto 10 manual en.gif


11. Friends


Gif punto 11 manual en.gif


Your friends can see that you're online and the session you're doing or if you're navigating through the application.

Our friends will know that we are online, but not available.

Our friends won't know if we are online.


How to add friends in BKOOL?


12. Settings


Gif punto 12 manual en.gif


13. ERG mode

The ERG mode allows us to control the power exerted at all times, as the resistance applied by the roller will adjust automatically, regardless of the speed, cadence, or gear we use, to maintain the specified power.

This allows us to perform controlled workouts, as the roller adapts so that the power is as desired by us.

Note: The roller's braking system requires a minimum speed to provide certain resistances, so if this speed is not reached, it may not be able to offer the specified power, in which case, you should increase the speed.

The ERG mode is automatically activated if we are in a workout or class. It also activates if we have set goals when configuring a session on the web.

To manually activate ERG mode in any route session, press the P key, or on tablets, tap on the power data. After a few seconds, ERG mode will be activated with the power you have at that moment.

With the + or - keys, we can increase or decrease the power by 5 watts (not available in workouts).

To deactivate it, press the P key again, or on tablets, tap on the power data. The roller will return to behaving according to the profile slope.

The simulator display indicates the set power while the ERG mode is active.


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