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New version 7.50 BKOOL Cycling

In this new version, apart from some corrections that improve the application's functionality, new features will be added, such as:

 - Partial Routes

When you access a route, you can decide at which point of the route you want to start by simply moving the position icon of your user along the profile of the route.


Partial Route in Warm-up:

If you select a partial route that another user has started, and the session is in warm-up, you will see from which point the route will begin as follows:


Started Partial Route:

If you select a partial route that another user has started, and they have already begun it, you will see from which point they are currently on the route and their current position.

You will have the option to adjust the point where you want to enter, placing yourself, for example, right in front of the other user to ride alongside them.


IMPORTANT!! The results of partial activities will not be reflected in rankings and classifications. Neither in competitive sessions.


Additional content for your activities on Strava

Now, every time you save an activity performed on BKOOL and synchronize it with Strava, an image with the jersey and bike you used during the route or workout will appear.

Both you and your friends on Strava will know with what gear and bike you've been training.




-  Change of gear during the session

In this version, the option to select a more comfortable gear during the session will be available. Now, you won't have to exit the route to choose the new gear, starting from the beginning.

To do this, click on the left menu and select the gear you want in the route details.


Recovery of the activity after an unexpected closure

In previous versions, if the simulator unexpectedly closed while you were on a route, you could recover it by restarting the simulator within the next 5 minutes and continue from where you left off.

Now, we've implemented a new improvement, increasing that time to 6 hours. This gives you plenty of time to address any issues with your device.

Please note that the activity time doesn't pause but continues to elapse. This will be reflected in the total time of your activity. However, your activity will be rewarded with Bkoins.




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