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Choose your Gear Ratio at BKOOL Cycling

There is no longer the possibility to apply a slope reduction in BKOOL Cycling routes. This functionality had certain limitations in competitive stages, such as Group Rides and league sessions.

Therefore, we have introduced a very significant change: a new feature that allows you to change gears in the simulator without having to spend money on buying a cassette with more teeth.

As you may have noticed, you have three gearings:

  • Standard: It applies the gearing you currently have on your bike.
  • Endurance: It applies a slightly larger gearing than you have on your bike. It's as if you changed your 11-28 cassette to an 11-32.
  • Mountain: It applies an even larger gearing than the previous one. It's as if you changed your 11-28 cassette to an 11-42.

These three gearings cover the needs of those who do not have a real gearing accessible enough to tackle the steepest slopes in our routes.

But it may happen that your physical condition does not allow you to climb such steep slopes or you are using some kind of special or old real gearing that is limiting you. Such as using a Single-Speed bike.

In such a case, we recommend that for certain routes, you use the ERG mode. The ERG mode allows you to set a fixed resistance, in watts, on your roller. And modify it at your will. Regardless of the real gearing your bike has.

If you use the ERG mode, you will not enter the rankings. And it is also not allowed in competitive sessions such as Group Rides and league sessions. However, you can still enjoy the simulator with the intensity you decide.


More information on how to use the ERG mode here: What is ERG mode?


More information on how to select the gearing on a route, in point 4 of the following link: BKOOL Cycling simulator - User's manual

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