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Paused sessions

During your session, you'll have the flexibility to pause at any point along the way and resume it later.

To do this, you just need to click on the Menu icon on the left side of the screen, and the option to pause the session will appear.

Gif sesión pausada EN corregido.gif


Once the session has been paused, you will be able to find it in the Paused activities section in BKOOL Cycling.

Sesión pausada 2.png

Once there, you can do several things with your paused activity:

  • Resume solo. The created activity sill appear in LIVE for anyone who wants to join, but because it doesn't have a warm-up, no other user can join until it starts. 
  • Upload. This uploads your paused activity and all training data to your training history, up to where it was completed. Useful when you realize you don't want to finish it but also don't want to lose it. 
  • Delete. Simply deletes this paused activity without uploading it to your training history. Useful for activities you don't want to keep. 
  • Start from scratch. This simply generates a new activity, including a warm-up. In case you want tp do it again from the beginning. 


Until the session is completed, it will not appear in your history on bkool.com, so it will also not synchronize with Strava. Once the session is completed and saved, it will appear in the history and can be synchronized with Strava.

Important: Paused activities will not appear at the top of your recent activity list on Strava based on when you finished them. Instead, they will be ordered according to the start date of the session (for example, a week ago).

You can have up to four paused sessions simultaneously.

Paused sessions will not appear in the ranking results for that session.

Not all types of sessions can be paused, for example, leagues or Group Rides organized by BKOOL. All sessions with the competitive mode enabled cannot be paused.




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