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New Version 7.63

In this new version 7.63, besides some fixes that enhance the application's performance, a new feature and new certified rollers will be added:

Improvements in the advertising displayed on the road during the session.

image carretera.png

New Feature - Paused Activities

In this new version, users will be able to pause the session at any desired point and then resume it from the same location where they paused it, even if the pause was made at another time.

The paused session will appear in your activities within the BKOOL Cycling application, allowing you to resume it whenever you wish.

You can save up to 4 paused sessions in the application.

For more information about this feature, please refer to the following article: Paused sessions


New Trainers Certified by BKOOL

The certification we provide for smart rollers ensures reliable simulation, where the sensations while pedaling, climbing, and descending slopes are appropriate. We are incorporating the following models:


  • MAGENE T110, T200 y T300 Plus




  • VanRysel D100, D500 y D900




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