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Updating the trainer firmware

The Simulator will tell you if you need to update the trainer firmware. .

You can update the firmware on your trainer in two different ways:

Through the Simulator

The firmware update through the Simulator is done via ANT+. When you open the Simulator and pair your Pro2/Go trainer or Bike, if the Simulator detects that your trainer doesn't have the latest firmware version, it will ask you to download the new version.

To correctly update the Bkool Pro2 or Go trainer, place it no further than 5cm away from the PC. Try using a USB extension cable so that the ANT+ USB antenna is away from the PC and improves the range. Also, turn off your computer's Bluetooth connection. You should have no problem applying the update.

Through the Toolkit app

Once you have located your trainer with the app, if you click on it you will see in the trainer information the firmware version that is installed on it. If it is not the latest version, the app itself will give you the option to update it.

Remember that in the case of Bkool Air, the firmware update can only be applied through the Toolkit app.

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