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12-mm thru-axles

The Bkool 12-mm release is a sophisticated Bkool accessory that allows you to use Bkool trainers with bicycles that have the 12-mm thru-axle system on the rear wheel.

If your bike has a normal skewer, simply use the quick release that is included in the Bkool trainer box. If, on the other hand, your bicycle has a skewer like the one in the image, you will need the Bkool 12-mm thru-axle.

Bkool offers three different models of this accessory.

The choice of skewer will depend exclusively on your bike (make and model).

To see which one you need, print out this template and place on it your bike axle. Check the length and thread pitch. It's as easy as that!

You can buy accessories that are compatible with the Bkool trainer in the Bkool store. Go >

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