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Manual. Getting started - BKOOL Smart Bike

BKOOL Smart Bike Manual

Thank you for purchasing the BKOOL Smart Bike. We hope that your experience is an enjoyable one and that you become part of the large community of Bkoolers.

Opening the Box

The BKOOL Smart Bike box has been designed for easy opening.


Inside you will find the following components


01. Frame 02. Stabilizer bars
03. Seat and seatpost 04. Handlebar stem
05. Handlebar 06. Smartphone mount
07. Pedals 08. 15-mm BKOOL wrench (19316)
09. 5-mm hexagonal wrench (19315) 10. 4-mm hexagonal wrench (19314)
11. M8x20 oval-head screw (19019) 12. M5x6 Allen screw (13975)
13. Power adapter 14. USB ANT+ antenna
15. Simulator coupon 16. Levelling foot



Make sure that all the listed parts are included.

Please contact us her form.

Assembling the Smart Bike

The Smart Bike is easy to assemble. Follow the steps outlined below.


Attach each of the stabilizer bars to the sides of the base of the frame. Use 4 oval-head M8x20 screws (19019) for each and tighten them with the Allen wrench (19315).


Note: The caster wheels have to go in the back for easy transport.



Screw the pedals to the crank arms. Use the 15-mm wrench (19316) for this.


Be sure to put the L pedal on the left and the R on the right, (these markings are on the inside of the pedal), facing forward.
Remember the direction of rotation to tighten them.




Insert the seatpost into the frame.

You can adjust the seat height by raising or lowering the seatpost; use the adjustment knob on the frame to lock it in place.

You can also move the seat forward or back by using a 14-mm wrench (not included).


Note: You don't have to worry about making adjustments at this time. We'll set the Bike up later, in the Adjusting the Smart Bike section.



Insert the handlebar stem into the frame.

You can adjust the handlebar height by raising or lowering the stem; use the adjustment knob on the frame to lock it in place.



Insert the handlebar and use the control knob to move the handlebar forward or backward as desired.

Finally, tighten screw 13975 shown.


Note: You don't have to worry about making adjustments at this time. We'll set the Bike up later, in the Adjusting the Smart Bike section.



Lift the Bike up by the front to transport it on the wheels to the place where you are going to use it.




Plug the power adapter into the connector on the right rear of the frame's central bar.




Place the smartphone holder in the area of the handlebar that you prefer.



Adjusting the Smart Bike

The adjustments described here are general and tend to be sufficient for the vast majority of people. For a more personalized adjustment, you would need to have a professional bike fitting.

If you have a bicycle, the easiest thing to do would be to mirror your set-up from that bike on the Smart Bike.

First, make an initial adjustment of all the measurements, and after a couple rides, fine tune them as necessary.

Seat Height

First, check that the seat is completely parallel to the ground.

You can move the seat forward or back by using a 14-mm wrench (not included).


The seat height must only be adjusted when you are off the bike.

Never adjust it while riding.

You can adjust the seat height by raising or lowering the seatpost; use the adjustment knob on the frame to lock it in place.


A rule of thumb for seat height is that it should be adjusted so that if you’re standing next to the Bike, it’s at the same height as the top of the hip bone (iliac crest).

Another option is to sit and with the pedal at its lowest position, place the heel such that your leg is completely straight.


You can also measure your inseam length and multiply it by 0.88.

The resulting length should be the same as from the center of the bottom bracket axle to the top center of the seat.

After adjusting the height, get on the Bike with the footwear you’re going to use, resting the ball of your foot on the pedal at its lowest position.

Your leg should be slightly bent at an angle of between 5 and 15º.

Handlebar height and position

You can adjust the handlebar height by raising or lowering the stem; use the adjustment knob on the frame to lock it in place.

You can place at the same height as the seat or just above it. Your back should be in a neutral position. The important thing is to feel comfortable while pedaling.

Use the adjustment knob to move the handlebar forward or backward as desired. As a rule of thumb, if you place your elbow against the front of the seat, your fingers should just touch the handlebar

Your arms should be slightly bent when you rest your hands on the handlebar.


The BKOOL Smart Bike has a fixed gear system. Whenever the flywheel is moving, so will the pedals.


Never take your feet out of the pedals while they are moving.

Adjusting the pedals

Always insert your foot securely into the pedal.

If your pedals have toe cages with straps, insert your foot and pull up on the strap. Make sure your foot is securely in place but not so tight that it is uncomfortable.

Tighten the strap to keep your feet from coming out.

Clipless pedals

If you have clipless pedals, be sure to clip in correctly before you start to pedal.


To brake, gradually slow your cadence until you stop.


Do not stop pedaling suddenly or you could be injured due to the flywheel.

If you need to stop quickly, use the red lever under the handlebar. Just press it down and hold it there to activate the brake.

BKOOL Fitness and BKOOL Cycling

If you are not registered on bkool.com, do so now. You will need the same email and password you registered with to log into the BKOOL Cycling.

Redeem your coupon

If you have a discount coupon for Bkool Premium, now is the time to redeem it at activation.bkool.com



BKOOL Fitness App

Download the Bkool Fitness App on your smartphone or tablet from the Apple Store or Google Play.

You'll find all the information you need to use it here.

Bkool Cycling

Download Bkool Cycling. For PC/Mac you can do it from bkool.com. For your tablet or smartphone, from the App Store or Google Play.


Pair the Smart Bike with BKOOL Fitness

When you open Bkool Fitness, it will search for any devices in the vicinity that it can be paired with.

You can also click on the icon in the upper left corner to go into the pairing screen.

Remember to turn on the devices and pedal a little to activate them.



Pairing the Smart Bike with BKOOL Cycling

Once registered, you have to pair your device (trainer, Bike, heart rate monitor, etc.) with the Simulator. To do so, the first time you open it, the following screen will be shown, with the two communication technologies that you can use, ANT + and Bluetooth, shown as activated or deactivated in the upper right.


In the upper right you will see the two communication technologies you can use to pair your device. The rotating arrow around them means that the Simulator is scanning for devices through them. It is perfectly normal for the Simulator to try to find a trainer or Bike via Bluetooth and ANT+ at the same time.

When the Simulator finds your trainer or Bike, it will appear as connected.

Once your trainer or Bike is paired, you are taken to the final pairing screen. If you pedal, you will see how the values of power, cadence, speed, etc. change. That indicates that the trainer or Bike is properly paired. You can now choose the session you want to ride.

Remember that you can always open the Simulator pairing menus from the main screen

Do a Workout

With the Smart Bike you can do cycling workouts designed by professional coaches, perfect for improving your performance and fitness.

You also have the option to create your own through the "Workout Creator".

They work with the Smart Bike in the same way as described earlier for the classes, with the resistance being adjusted automatically.


The Help section of the Simulator contains more information on Workouts.

Ride a Route

In addition to classes and workouts, with the Smart Bike you can ride anywhere in the world thanks to 3D World and Real Weather.

You will also find video routes.

You can find them in our simulator or on the website Sessions>Routes, just like the classes.

From your device you can increase or decrease the gear on the Smart Bike to adjust your pace, just as you would do on a regular bike. You can change the gears, in the GEAR option, using the + and - keys or on the screen in the case of being a Tablet.


A higher gear means a longer distance travelled per pedal stroke, but it will require more effort. Use high gears on flats and downhills.

When you shift down you simulate a shorter gear. You will need a higher cadence to move but the effort won't be as intense. Use low gears when going uphill or when you want to soft pedal.

Keep in mind that the Smart Bike has a fixed gear system with a flywheel. The feel is somewhat different from a conventional freewheel bicycle, but you will also be able to enjoy the thousands of routes available on BKOOL.

What to do if...

The Simulator doesn't detect the bicycle. Make sure the Bike is plugged in. If using Windows, the Bike must be connected to your computer via Bluetooth before it can be synced with the simulator. Make sure it is properly connected. If you use an ANT+ connection, the USB ANT+ must be connected to the computer or tablet.

No devices are detected. The device has to be active. To detect the heart rate sensor, it should be snuggly worn around the chest. To detect the cadence sensor, you have to pedal. The USB ANT+ has to be connected to the computer or tablet.

You can't log into the Simulator. Make sure you log in with the same email and password you use for bkool.com. Check your internet access and make sure your antivirus or firewall isn't preventing the Simulator from connecting to the internet. Help. If you have any questions, go to the help section on bkool.com.

Safety Precautions

Smart Bike

Make sure that all of the components described in the assembly section are securely attached to the bicycle. If they are not, the user could fall of the bicycle.

Power connection. Properly plug the transformer into the outlet and to the connection on the Bike. Your electrical installation must conform to the standards or regulations in effect in the country where the Bike is being used. The connection to the mains must be easily accessible.

Use original spare parts. If the power supply is damaged, replace it only with another provided by Bkool or its after-sales service.

Cleaning. To clean the Bike, use a cloth dipped in water or a mild cleaning solution. Be sure to unplug the Bike before cleaning it. Do not allow cleaning products to enter the resistance unit.


Users who can use the bicycle. The Bike is designed exclusively for people who have the physical, sensory and mental abilities needed to make the effort required by any exercise activity. We recommend asking your doctor if you are fit enough to engage in the physical activity required to use the Bike. Even if you meet the above requirements, you must have sufficient experience or knowledge, or have received adequate training, to use this exercise equipment.

Users who CANNOT use the bicycle. Under no circumstances should the Bike be used by individuals with diminished physical, sensory or mental capacities.
It is also not intended for children. The bicycle must be kept out of the reach of these individuals.

Health recommendations. If you do not feel well while exercising, or if you feel weak, discomfort, pain or tightness of the chest, or if you are short of breath or have an irregular heartbeat, stop using the bicycle.

We recommend checking with your doctor.



Applicability. This warranty applies exclusively to the original owner of a Bike purchased through an authorized store or distributor.

Limitations and voiding of the warranty. The warranty does not cover causes not attributable to the manufacturer. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the Bike. It also does not cover any damage caused by accidents, misuse, improper care or negligence. The warranty is voided when: (1) the Bike is used in a way that differs from its intended use, (2) the assembly and maintenance instructions have not been followed, (3) the Bike undergoes repairs or attempted repairs not performed by the official technical service.

Bkool S.L. declines all liability for any damages that may arise directly or indirectly.

Technical support. At bkool.com you can find information on how to get personalized technical assistance. Keep in mind that you will have to provide proof of purchase with the printed date, so keep your receipt.

Bkool, S.L. CIF: B 98125024.
Address: San Joaquín 3 , 28231 Las Rozas - Madrid.

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