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Recommended tires for BKOOL Smart Go, Pro and Pro2

In dry environments there are certain tires that, due to the rubber compound from which they are made, generate a large amount of static electricity when they rub against the metal cylinder on our Pro, Pro2 or Go. If too much static electricity is generated, it can cause communication failures between the trainer and the device it is connected to (PC or tablet).

BKOOL strongly recommends not using the following tires: Michelin Lythion 2, Michelin Pro Race 3, Continental GP4000, Tacx trainer tyre, Victoria Zaffiro Pro, BTWIN Home trainer y Schwalbe Insider Performance.

An affordable, durable tire that works well with our Pro2 and Go trainers is the Michelin Dynamic Sport.

We also recommend that you always use properly inflated tires in good condition. A worn tire can have the same effect.

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