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Bkool Mobile

The Bkool Mobile app makes it quick and easy to use your Bkool trainer.
It is available for iOS and Android.



Minimum specs:

iOS: 9 or higher (Devices: iPhone only - iPhone 4s and later.)

Android: 5 or higher

Internet access

An internet connection is required to log into the app and, once the session is over, to upload the data to your history.

Bkool Mobile lets you control the resistance of the Bkool trainer and record your session.

Bkool Mobile lets you control the resistance of the Bkool trainer and record your session.

You can also use sensors (heart rate, cadence, etc.) to supply your data.

To do so, to pair the trainer and any sensors you have using Bluetooth.

In the case of Android, they can also be paired using ANT+ if your device allows it.

Sign in

When you open Bkool Mobile for the first time, log in using the same credentials you used to register on Bkool.com (email and password).

You can also register if you weren't already

The next time you open Bkool Mobile, this step will not be necessary. .

Pair devices

When you open Bkool Mobile, it will search for any devices in the vicinity that it can be paired with.

You can also click on the icons to go into the pairing screen.


The screen will show you all the devices within reach.


Tapping on the device will give you the option to pair it, or if it already is, to unpair it.

Remember to turn on the devices and pedal a little to activate them. .

Usage modes

The app offers 3 usage modes::





The dashboard is customizable. You can change a field by clicking on it


Allows you to set the power value W (Watts) and the trainer's resistance will adjust to stay at that power.

The slider at the top will lock in the W you are generating at that moment.


Use the + and - buttons to raise/lower the power in 5W increments.

To turn ERG mode off, simply slide the switch again.


Use the + and - buttons to adjust the gradient.



Allows you to pedal without resistance from the trainer and record the activity.


In this mode you adjust the intensity by varying the gear and speed.


Before starting the session, you have the option of setting a goal to mark the end of the session.

You can do so below the mode selector


The options in each mode are:

ERG. Time.

Gradient. Distance

Free. Time or distance.

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