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If you wish to send us any suggestions, send us an email to suggestions@bkool.com. Please bear in mind that these emails will not receive an answer, nor are they a way to contact the Support team.


Thank you for helping to improve BKOOL!


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    Kenneth Antonsen

    Hi there ;-).

    I am a happy rider on your simulator and have been here many years now ;-).

    I have a suggestion for improval ;-)

    Riding with rubberband in grouprides, Meaning if you ride in a group you will not get dropped or you cannot sprint ahead from the group.

    If you start a session and want rubberband solution you can choose this fx in the multiplayer menu before you start the session ;-)

    You are doing a great job ;-)


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    Hi Kenneth, 

    Thank you for sharing your comments with us 🤗.

    We have forwarded your suggestion to the department in charge. We hope it will be implemented.

    Best regards, 

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