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BKOOL offers cycling workouts designed by professional trainers that are perfect for improving performance and fitness. You also have the option of creating your own through the Workout Creator. You can find it at Bkool.com>> Sessions>> Workout Creator.


How does the Workout Creator work?

The Workout creator allows you to create your own time-based sessions, defining your work zones and adding cadence targets if you wish. 

To use power zones, you first need to do an FTP test to define your zones ⚡. After doing the FTP test, your power zones will be shown in your Profile. If you already know your FTP, you can also specify the zones.

The table below shows the relationship between power zones and intensity percentage:

Z1 1% 55% 43% Aids recovery.
Z2 56% 75% 66% Improves strength.
Z3 76% 90% 83% Improves your aerobic performance.
Z4 91% 105% 98% Increases your maximum performance.
Z5 106% 120% 113% Helps improve your speed.
Z6 121% 150% 135% Increases your anaerobic capacity.


The Workout Creator is very simple to use.

First you need to give your workout a name, choose the type (Active recovery, Aerobic resistance, Pace, Threshold, VO2 Max, Anaerobic capacity), and enter a description.

There are warm-up and cool-down periods at the start and end of each session that you can skip if you want when designing the workout.

In the contextual menu of the segment header, you can make a COPY of the segment that you are working with. When a segment is duplicated, the new one is placed immediately to the right of the original.

In the contextual menu of the segment header, you can DELETE the segment that you are working with. You can also select multiple segments and DELETE them all at once.

By clicking on a segment's header, you can drag it to change its position.

Whenever the cursor is on a segment, you will be able to scale the time by dragging the handle on the right edge of the segment. You will see your changes in the time tags (tooltips) and your total time will be updated.

Clicking and dragging on several segments will select all those segments. The segments are always selected contiguously. The segments you have selected can be DELETED, REPEATED and moved. When you REPEAT them, you will have created a series.

You can locate the workouts at Bkool.com>> Sessions>> Workouts, and use the filter to show the ones you created.


In addition to the session's degree of difficulty, the IF and TSS terms can also be used to determine how hard it is.

These were proposed by Allen and Coggan (2010) to quantify a training session.

The IF (Intensity Factor) is an athlete's normalized power expressed as a fraction of the functional power threshold (FTP). IF = PN / FTP

El TSS (Training Stress Score) of 100 is equivalent to a one-hour time-trial type of effort at an FTP pace. It can be calculated using the following formula:


s = seconds of training | W = normalized power in watts | IF = Intensity Factor | FTP = Functional Power Threshold.


Workouts in the simulator

When you click on a workout, you will see an outline profile of it 4, and the time in each Zone 5. Shown under the name are the total time 1 and difficulty of session 2, as well as the IF (Intensity Factor) and TSS (Training Stress Score) values 3 of the workout.




The workouts indicate the target zone. You should stay in the specified range to meet the goals. Watts will be shown in red if you exit the assigned range.



The hour of the day is shown in the center of the screen 3


The ERG 5 system automatically adjusts the trainer's resistance, regardless of your pace, so you can ride at the specified watts.

Deactivate it using the P key, in which case you will have to adjust your speed/cadence and the gears on your bike to stay in the Zone. If you press the P key again, ERG mode will keep you at the watts you have at that exact moment.

If a specific cadence range is assigned for your current block, this value will be displayed 4.

In the upper right corner, the remaining time for the next zone is displayed 1

Next to your name you can see the compliance (%) 2

As long as you don't have the video view disabled in the app settings, you can enjoy videos during your workout.

Note: Workouts that are very long will not have video.



At the end of the workout, you will see the compliance (%), normalized power, average HR and effort (IF).



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