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TrainingPeaks workouts in the BKOOL Cycling simulator

If you use TrainingPeaks you can synchronize your scheduled workouts and enjoy them in the BKOOL Cycling simulator. These must be established by time and power. 

To take advantage of this feature you must activate the synchronization between both platforms in your BKOOL profile. Keep in mind that it is a Premium functionality.



Workouts scheduled in TrainingPeaks will appear on that day in your BKOOL Cycling simulator so you can select them and ride away.

When are workouts synchronized?

The import of planned workouts in Training Peaks is not instantaneous and they are carried out three times a day: 8:00h, 16:00h and 0:00h (GMT + 1).

For example, if you created a workouts in TrainingPeaks at 10 am for the same day, unfortunately, it would not be programmed in the simulator until after 4 pm. If it was created at 6 pm it would not be programmed in the simulator until the following day as the next synchronization would be a 0:00h.

If you can plan ahead, it shouldn't be a problem as you usually have the week scheduled in advance. If for unforeseen circumstances you need to perform a workout the same day, and you have not been able to prepare it before the 4pm deadline, you can create it manually using our workout editor, either starting from scratch or using the .mrc file that we can export from TrainingPeaks. 


Workout zones - FTP 

It is important that the FTP (Functional Threshold Power) match in both TrainingPeaks and BKOOL. The intensity of the segments is sent as a percentage of the FTP. If they are different, the intensity that is applied in the simulator will not correspond to what was programmed in the workout.

You can vary the FTP manually in your BKOOL profile if you go to the Work Zones tab.


In your TrainingPeaks account's Settings (Zones>Power) you will find the data if you do not remember it.



The export of the data after the workout in the simulator to TrainingPeaks will also not be done immediately, first, the information has to be processed in BKOOL, but this doesn't usually take too long. Remember to save the session in the simulator at completion so that the data can be saved If you don't save it this data will be lost.

In summary: activate the connection between profiles and keep in mind that the previously prepared workouts and the FTP value match must be present. 


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