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Training plans

What are the BKOOL training plans
How to create a training plan
Can you amend a training plan?
What happens if I can’t do a programmed session one day?


What are the BKOOL training plans

The training plans are a series of sessions with structured training exercises, which are designed in accordance with your characteristics to help you to reach a specific goal.


How to create a training plan

To create a training plan, log in to bkool.com and click on Sessions > Plans > Create plan


So as to ensure that the plan is fully adapted to your characteristics, your bike’s characteristics, objectives and circumstances, you can adjust the settings which will allow us to personalise your training, so it fits perfectly to you.


Personal characteristics

  • weight
  • gender
  • height
  • age


Note: The height is in centimeters, so it will not be recognized if entered in meters.


Bike Characteristics




There can be various objectives depending on if you are looking to improve your performance, if you are looking to lose weight, or if you have a recreational objective.




It is important to specify the duration we want the training plan to have, the weekly availability and the time length, in order to put the training plan in practise in an effective manner.



Once a plan has been created, you will be able to view it in your training plans in bkool.com.


Can you amend a training plan?

Although we do allow a certain degree of flexibility with our plans, such as skipping a programmed session, the training plans cannot be amended once they have been created, because the training plans are designed to reach a specific objective.

You can abandon the created plan by clicking on ‘abandon this plan’ and by creating a new one.


What happens if I can’t do a programmed session one day?

That session will be lost, the sessions do not accumulate. The training plan would continue with the next programmed session. It is not currently possible to pause or change the day of a session in the training plan.

Your outdoor sessions will count as plan sessions only if the date was the same as programmed. In addition, the duration must be within the +/- 10% programmed.



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