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Bkool Fitness

The Bkool Fitness app lets you do hundreds of personalized indoor cycling classes with the best instructors. It is available for iOS and Android.



Minimum specs:

iOS: iOS x 10.3 or higher. Bluetooth. iPad and iPhone. Internet connection

Android: Android 5 or higher. Mobile or Tablet with Bluetooth (ANT optional). Internet connection.


You can watch the classes on your TV if you have Chromecast or Apple TV.

On Bkool Fitness you will find:

The best classes

Spinning, power levels, cadence, music, instructors, images...

Top-quality indoor cycling classes for a unique experience.

Specialized workouts

If you want to improve your fitness, there's nothing better than our workout sessions. Select from a wide variety or create your own, with a summary of your goals and the results of the session.

Real-time statistics

Track your statistics on the screen in real time: power, heart rate, cadence, calories burned and more.

Log in

When you open Bkool Fitness for the first time, you have to log in using the same credentials you used to register on Bkool.com (email and password).

You can also register if you weren't already

The next time you open Bkool fitness, this step will not be necessary. .

Pair devices

When you open Bkool Fitness, it will search for any devices in the vicinity that it can be paired with.

You can also click on the icon in the upper left corner to go into the pairing screen.


Remember to turn on the devices and pedal a little to activate them. .

Devices currently compatible with the Bkool Fitness app:

The perfect match! The first indoor bicycle with automatic resistance control. Do power-based training.

Bkool trainers and those compatible with ANT+ FE-C offer automatic resistance control. Do power-based training.

ANT+ and Bluetooth power meters are compatible in manual resistance mode. Do power-based training.

Bkool and other ANT+ or Bluetooth cadence sensors are compatible in manual resistance mode. Do cadence-based training.

Bkool and other ANT+ or Bluetooth HRM are compatible in manual resistance mode. Do HR-based training.

Filter classes

By applying the filters, you can select the classes that best suit what you are looking for.

You can filter by:






Take a class

Click on the class you want to do and click on "Start class".


If you want to see how the class is structured, click on "See more".

clase detalle

Watch classes on TV

If you have Chromecast or Apple TV, you can watch the class on your TV. Simply click on the icon and pair it with your device.

Chromecast o Apple TV

Class screenshot


1 % compliance in target power zones and cadence

2Calories burned.

3 % target power for the segment

4 % current power

5 Target cadence for the segment

6 Current cadence

7 HR

Disable automatic resistance control

If using a Bkool Smart Bike, the resistance is automatically adjusted in each segment.

To control the resistance manually, tap on the screen and it will give you the option to turn off Auto mode.

Tap on the central part of the screen and you will be able to increase or decrease the resistance by pressing on the + or -.


History of activities

If you go into the menu, you can see your activity history by clicking on "My activity".


Tapping on any of them will let you see the data recorded during the class.




Configuración de la App

In the menu you will find the app settings, where you can connect with other sports platforms and find information about the application.


Tutorials and App Tour

The application itself offers tutorials and a walk-through that highlights the most important points. These are accessible through the menu.



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