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I can't pair Bkool Cycling Remote Control with the Simulator

It's very important that both the mobile phone, where Bkool Cycling Remote Control is installed, and the computer or tablet be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Windows firewall or your antivirus, as well as the Windows Defender program, may also be preventing communication in some cases. Try temporarily disabling them or create exceptions for our simulator (BkoolIndoor.exe). If the antivirus is free, you can uninstall it and install a different one later.

In Windows Defender, you can create exceptions as follows: >View

Automatic linking doesn’t work

If automatic linking doesn't work, the Remote application has a manual connection to enter the IP address of the computer and connect the two applications.

To do this, click on the manual link button that will be shown on the Remote Control screen. The IP address to enter is in Bkool Cycling >> Settings >> About the App >> System information.

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