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What happens if a payment is refused?

If for any reason a payment for your Premium subscription plan is refused, you will receive an email informing you of this, and your account will be suspended for a period of 30 days.

Please, access to bkool.com, in the section of your subscription you can modify your payment details or cancel your subscription permanently, please note, that when performing this action, you reject the offer that you have at this time.

Why couldn´t the payment be processed?

It can be for different reasons:

  • There are not enough funds.
  • Expiration and validity of the registered credit card.
  • Other pending charges or authorizations may affect the available balance on your card.
  • The bank has not approved the monthly/yearly charge.
  • The payment information provided in bkool.com does not match the information recorded with your bank.

Once the problem with the credit card has been solved, what should I do?

Go to your subscription section and update your payment details. Even if the payment method is the same, you will need to re-enter your payment details.

I would like to redeem a promotional coupon, but my account is suspended for a pending payment.

Cancel your current subscription (note that if you had a special promotion, you will lose it) then click “make premium”, in the process you will see the option to redeem the coupon.

I would like to be Premium user again, but I want to change the subscription plan.

If your account is suspended because the charge could not be made and you want to activate your subscription and change your subscription plan (from yearly to monthly or otherwise), you must cancel your subscription, please note, that doing this action you reject the promotion you have at the moment. Then, you will be able to change the subscription plan.



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