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Loss of wireless connection due to interference

Both the ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols are wireless communications that can be affected by interference, causing communication losses between the trainer and the BKOOL app that you are using at the time.

Here are some recommendations to avoid possible interference. If you have any other wireless device such as a mouse or keyboard, telephones, baby monitors, etc., next to the PC, turn them off or move them before starting a BKOOL session. If you are using an ANT+ USB antenna, try connecting it using a USB extension cable (about 50-100cm) so that it is away from the computer or tablet, thus improving signal reception.

In the case of Pro2 and Go, the static electricity generated by the friction between the rear wheel and the metal cylinder can also cause interference, so we recommend that you not train in extremely dry rooms and that you follow the recommendations contained in the following article regarding the tire to use: Recommended tires.

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