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What types of Premium plans does BKOOL offer?

With your Premium subscription you can enjoy all the BKOOL features:

BKOOL Cycling: unlimited routes, 3D World, Video, Real Weather TM, multiplayer to compete with your friends, workouts, analysis platform with the results of your training, leagues, groups, and more, to make training with us as advanced and entertaining as possible.

BKOOL Fitness: Hundreds of classes and tutorials with the best instructors

You can choose between two options when you purchase your subscription to specify how often you want it to be renewed:

 Monthly: Your subscription will be renewed every month at a price of €9.99.

 Annual: An annual subscription lets you enjoy the most advanced training for a full year for €96. This is the best option to continue training at the lowest price, since the monthly fee will be €8, less than €2 per week. For that price, you can train as much as you want for one year.

 Family plan: Available from April 2023.

If you own a monthly (non promotional) Premium subscription, you can change into a yearly one directly entering:


In case of promotional subscription, you will need to wait for the first monthly fee, to able to change into the yearly Premium subscription

Renewal is automatic so you can focus on your training without having to worry about managing your subscription. If you don't want to renew your subscription, don't worry, you can cancel it at any time.


Find more info about the upcoming change of fee here

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