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How can I find sessions in the Simulator?

You will find the search option in the upper left, between "Home" and "Settings", as shown in the following image:


After clicking on "Search" you can search for Routes, Workouts, Velodromes and create FTP tests.


For each option, you can apply filters based on criteria that you specify. To do this, click on "Filter".



You can search on the following criteria:

- Part of the session

- Distance

- Difficulty

- Views

- Username (Nick)

- Route name

Clicking on "Filter" will display the sessions that meet the parameters you specify.

This way you can find your friends by searching for them by their name, if they are doing a session at that moment, or select the session that best suits your needs.

There is also a direct link to the search engine from the buttons at the bottom of the home screen:


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