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ANT+ FE-C protocol

The ANT+ FE-C protocol is a standard communication protocol that allows our trainers to be used with other simulators on the market.

 Bkool Smart Pro2 and Bkool Go trainers can broadcast in ANT+ FE-C protocol, and be used with any other compatible simulator or device. Follow these steps to make the change:

-Plug the trainer to the electricity.
-Connect the ANT+ USB stick to your computer
-Run Bkool Cycling > Click on 'Settings' > Pair my devices.
-A list of devices will show. Look for the trainer, and select it by ticking the circle on the right side of the window. Then click on the Connect button.
-In the next screen, the button to change to the ANT+ protocol will be there, click on it.

If the button does not show up, the trainer is already using the ANT+ FE-C protocol.

The Smart Air trainer was launched on the market featuring this standard communication protocol.


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