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Dual crank cadence sensor

This sensor attaches to your bike's crank and provides a reading of your cadence at all times. In the case of the Bkool Air trainer, this sensor is included in the accessories box.

It connects via both Bluetooth and ANT+ with those devices where the Simulator or another Bkool application is installed.

First, remove the battery protector. Open the battery cover on the cadence sensor and remove the adhesive.


Install the cadence sensor following the instructions in the image.


Select the elastic band that best fits your crank.

Place the cadence sensor on the midpoint of the left crank, facing inward.

Place the elastic band on one of the hooks in cradle B, and pull it around the crank to attach it to the opposite hook. Make sure the cadence sensor is firmly attached.

Turn the crank several times to make sure the sensor doesn't touch any part of the bicycle frame. Check that the sensor doesn't move.

If the crank type prevents you from installing it this way, you can install it without the cradle by using a 3M double-sided adhesive strip (not included).

Note: The blue LEDs flash when the sensor is active.

Pair the cadence sensor to your device

The cadence sensor can be paired to your device via Bluetooth or ANT+.

Make sure the cadence sensor isn't more than 2 meters away from your device. Turn the crank to activate it.

Follow the instructions on your device to add sensors.

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