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What is ERG mode?

ERG mode lets you control the desired power at all times, since the resistance applied by the trainer will adjust automatically, regardless of your speed, cadence or gear, to keep the power at the specified value.

This lets you do controlled workouts as the trainer will adapt so that the power is whatever you specify.

Note: The trainer's braking system needs a minimum speed in order to offer certain resistances, so if this speed is not reached it will not be able to offer the specified power, in which case the speed must be increased.

ERG mode is activated automatically when you are doing a workout or class. It will also activate automatically if you entered Goals when setting up a session on the website.

To activate ERG mode manually in any session, press the P key, or touch the power reading on tablets. After a few seconds, ERG mode will be turned on at the current power value.




Use the + or - keys to increase or decrease power by 5 watts.

To deactivate it, press the P key again, or touch the power reading on tablets. The trainer will again respond based on the gradient of the profile.

The Simulator indicates that you are in ERG mode by displaying the power value.

In addition, in 3D view, an indication above your avatar shows that you are in ERG mode.

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