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How can I change the camera angle in a 3D session?

If using a PC, you can change the different camera angles using the V key on the keyboard.



You can also press the space bar to see what is happening behind you. This feature is not available on the automatic camera, not on mobile devices.

Uso_camaras_PC_ingles.pngWhen using a mobile device, you can also change the different camera views by opening or pinching on the screen with two fingers.


If you have any doubt about how to use these features, you can always check their use when you are in the session. You just have to click on the menu on the left and after that go to the "Controls" tab.


How can I switch camera views in a 3D session in spectator mode?

If you enter a session in spectator mode, in addition to the cameras described above, you will have the following:

  • Different frames and camera angles by pressing the keys from number 1 to 0.


  • Pressing the B key will activate the orbital camera, it is a camera that you can move at will around the Avatar. To control it you can use the following keys:




You can speed up the camera movement by simultaneously pressing the Shift key.


If you press the B key again, the orbital camera will be deactivated



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