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FTP test and training zones

An FTP test determines the maximum average power that someone can hold over a certain period of time.

In the case of BKOOL Cycling, you can do a 5-minute FTP test and a 20-minute FTP test.

Depending on the results of the test, you will be assigned different training zones, from the easiest, Z1, to the most demanding, Z6.


Z1 1% to 56% of your FTP Aids recovery.
Z2 56% to 76% of your FTP Improves endurance.
Z3 76% to 91% of your FTP Improves your aerobic performance.
Z4 91% to 106% of your FTP Increases your maximum performance.
Z5 106% to 121% of your FTP Helps improve your speed.
Z6 121% to 150% of your FTP Increases your anaerobic capacity.
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