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The resistance on my BKOOLl Smart Bike doesn't change correctly

If you notice during a session on your BKOOL Bike that the resistance isn't changing, please check the following:

First, make sure that your Bike is correctly plugged into the mains. The Bike doesn't have an LED, so make sure you can hear the internal movement of the motor when you connect the device.

hear the internal movement of the motor when you connect the device. Second, check that your Bike is correctly paired with the BKOOL application that you are using during the session (BKOOL Cycling, Fitness App, etc.). To do this, confirm that you can see power and speed data on the pairing screen.

Third, go into the BKOOL website and verify that your weight data is correct in your user profile, since an incorrect weight can affect the resistance applied by the Bike.

One of the consequences of a wireless communication failure between the Bike and the BKOOL application is that the loss of information results in gradients not being applied correctly. If this is the case, please follow the instructions provided for a loss of connectivity

Finally, if after doing the above checks you still think that your Bike is either not applying resistance or is applying it incorrectly, please fill out the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible to offer a solution.

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