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Calibration / Decalibration

The calibration of BKOOL trainers is only carried out once the trainer has been assembled, this means that every trainer will offer a similar power value estimate regardless of when it was manufactured.

Each of our trainer´s stores important calibration information on a built-in electronic board. With our roller trainers such as the Go or Pro variants these constant units can be lost, this happens for various reasons from blackouts, and problems with the power grid to voltage spikes. 

When this calibration information is lost, the trainer is not able to adjust the resistance correctly and users may feel it constantly going up and down.

If you have experienced this problem please contact us through our virtual agent, you just have to write "talk to an agent", our technical service will then agree on a convenient time with you to perform a "remote intervention" to reinstall the calibration constants on your trainer. 


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