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Improvement in simulation metrics

With the latest version released on 9th September, we have made certain changes that ensure everyone -regardless of the trainer that they are using for their sessions- gets the same, realistic Bkool experience when using our Simulator.

We see this latest improvement as an integral part of our development, and it becomes even more important when Bkoolers are using our simulator to compete in our leagues, group rides and challenges, any advantage that could be gained based on equipment would be unfair for everyone.

Some of the changes you will find in the new version are:

Speed calculation

For this new version, the speed is calculated based on power, whether the home trainer is Bkool or not. It is likely that if you have a Bkool trainer at home you have already noticed a change concerning this data. The conditions are now more aligned with reality, but this is only the beginning and we will continue to improve.

Power correction in Pro / Pro2

The entire Bkool community is aware that the measurement of watts in these trainers was not, to date, very accurate. It is our commitment to improving that measurement of watts, so we have made improvements in this new version. These are the settings:

-Routes: in simulation mode, you will notice that if you're exerting the same effort, the power data shown by the simulator is less. That is, it will seem that you have generated fewer watts, but now they are more realistic watts. We have made some adjustments so that the data shown in Bkool Cycling are even closer to reality, that is the force that you are applying on the bike in the trainer. In ERG mode no variations are applied, it will work as before.

-Workouts: In ERG mode no variations are applied, it will work as before.

-Velodrome: Just like in the simulation of the routes, there are also improvements in the velodrome. But here there will be more impact on the speed calculation, because speed data is always slightly higher in the velodrome as the friction in the velodrome is less than on the road. In ERG mode no variations are applied, it will work as before.

Our goal as a company is to propose the most realistic simulation. And for this, we will continue to work hard, reducing simulation differences between home trainers (regardless of the brand) and trying to make the experience of riding a route on the simulator as life-like as possible.

Recommendations if you are connecting your Garmin:

If, in addition to connecting to the simulator, you synchronise your Bkool trainer to a Garmin device (or similar), keep in mind that the data shown will not be the same. This is because your Garmin device is displaying the data directly from the roller, without the virtual corrections. However, in search of a better and more realistic experience, the data you see in your simulator has the aforementioned adjustments, taking into account the power and weight of the user, in addition to the slope and wind resistance of the route. We will continue to improve so that these changes are increasingly adjusted to the real power exerted by the users on the trainer.

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