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BKOOL Pro2 and BKOOL Go trainers can broadcast in ANT+ FE-C protocol, and be used with any other compatible simulator or device. We have recently released a firmware update (V3.25) for these trainers, to be carried out through our BKOOL Toolkit app:




Please install it in your mobile phone, then open it and pair the trainer via Bluetooth and follow the steps to to get its firmware updated:


   -Unplug the trainer and plug it back in.
   -Open Bkool Toolkit app
   -Click on the Search device button
   -Select the trainer once detected.
   -Click in Update firmware


The trainer will start broadcasting in ANT+ FE-C protocol right away.


If your trainer is BKOOL Smart Pro, please check in the BKOOL Toolkit app to confirm which version of firmware your Smart trainer has installed. If you do not already have the Toolkit app, you can download it using the link below:




BKOOL Pro trainers with a firmware version or 3.10, or older, cannot be updated, our apologies. If you have the firmware version 3.16, please get back in touch with us, so we can give you further instructions of how to proceed.

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