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Apple Watch on Bkool Fitness


For the iWatch to work, you must be using the latest version of the Bkool Fitness app.

It is essential to be a premium user and previously paired an iWatch. https://support.apple.com/es-es/HT205025

When installing the new version, it will automatically be installed on the iWatch a well. You can verify that it is installed from de Watch application on your iPhone. 



After this, the process should be automatic. An alert will appear asking us for access to Health information. This message may appear in different places/moments:

   -When you start the Fitness App on the iWatch, once we have logged in with a Premium user. 
   -When performing a device scan.
   -When exiting and returning to the application (remove the Fitness App from the background and re-enter).

If we accept the message, it will take us to the "Connect with Health" screen, if it is the first time and we have not wet connected, the button will say "Connect" if not "Go to Health". 




That button takes us to the iPhone Health App and the permissions will be seen (by default disabled). You have to activate them all and click on the button in the upper right corner that says "Allow". Then we will return to the Bkool Fitness App automatically and we can click Close.

After this, the iWatch should already appear in the device list, if it does not appear, it is necessary to perform a device scan to update it. 

The heart rate may take some time to appear the first time. You can see that the iWatch is measuring your pulse when the green sensor light turns on under the iWatch. 

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