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BKOOL opts to focus 100% on the simulator and stops manufacturing hardware

BKOOL stops manufacturing our trainers and bikes, and sell our hardware rights to Versa Design. We will also stop making the Smart Bike. It was a decision that we had been thinking about for some time. We are a software company, and we want to focus solely on developing our software. As I am sure you understand, this decision is of vital importance to us.

Last year, the Bkool simulator had about 100,000 active users. Pedalling, competing and uploading routes. We are seeing a trend with more Bkoolers using trainers from other brands. And we love it. Our focus for some time has been on improving this experience and making sure that our simulator is the best it can be, for everyone, regardless of who manufactures the trainer, and it's nice to see our hard work is paying off.

For us, the quality of your indoor cycling experience has always been the most important thing. And to achieve this, compatibility with other brands is fundamental. Ending the production of our trainers means that we can now focus on proving the very best simulation experience, no matter what trainer you own.

We are very calm because the products we pioneered are in very capable hands.  Zycle (www.zycle.eu) a commercial brand and Versa Design will distribute the Smart Trainers and Smart Bike, and both companies are both very experienced in the manufacturing and industrial development field.

If you own a Bkool trainer, don't worry. Our after-sales service is guaranteed. We will comply with the guarantee policy and with our obligation to answer any questions or queries you may have. Also, we want to assure you that Bkool trainers will continue to work with our software, exactly as before. We are dedicated to providing the same realistic experience for everyone. 

To offer users the best, most realistic experience, we have been making changes to Bkool for some time:

  1. We have renewed our brand. We're very proud of our new identity, which you can see on bkool.com and our social media channels.
  2. We have been improving our internal processes which allow us to listen to the opinion of our community and act upon them. For example, we have a new beta tester program. If you want to join, please, just let us know. For us, your opinion is a key part of any future success. We also have more fluid communication with league administrators, who's feedback is very important to us.
  3. We have launched a new help area. The attention to the Bkooler community comes first.

We still have so much to improve and we know how to do it. We want to bring you even more quality routes, better connectivity and a product that gets better, every day. We have many more ideas and we know that the future of Bkool will be determined by offering users the most realistic simulation possible, no matter which equipment you have.

Ending the production of our hardware was a difficult decision; Bkool pioneered the development of Smart Trainers. Despite our company's size and resources, we have done a good job. But we do not believe that it is our place as a company to compete against Elite, Tacx, Saris or Wahoo, but to develop our simulator so that everyone can enjoy the best indoor cycling experience possible.

We share this news with the assurance that it will make Bkool Cycling a better and more complete platform. We thank you for your continued support, pedalling, sharing routes, participating in leagues and enjoying group rides. Thank you for being part of Bkool!

Check some FAQ's:

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The Bkool team

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