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Which Beta version are we testing?


BKOOL Cycling

The Beta version available at the moment is v.5.30.

In this version, the Beta Testers will test the following improvements:


  • You will be able to buy new jerseys!

Buy them now in BKOOL Beta and enjoy them also in the launch of the official version of BKOOL Cycling.

Furthermore, if you take part in the group ride and save the session when you finish, you will have  an exclusive kit for Beta Testers in the next official version of Bkool Cycling.




  • More information on the race.

Labels with the participant’s name, country and sports level.



  • Choose your session faster.

The navigation menu and the session search engine have been optimised with more filters to refine your search, as well as data such as the accumulated slope and the maximum slope gradient.




  • New alert system to identify connexion issues between the Smart trainer and the app.




And much more...

  • Manage your efforts better by knowing in detail the upcoming slopes. Explanation of the UPF Test. 
  • You will be able to see in the ranking the relative power that you are exercising at all times. You can also see the power of the rest of the cyclists.
  • New device certifications.

To become a Beta Tester, fill out this form

When finished, you can send your opinion and comments to betatesters@bkool.com


BKOOL Cycling


The Beta version currently available is 3.0.0.

In this version, Beta Testers will try out the following improvements:

  • Minutes Counter

The app includes a weekly training minutes counter.  Taking into account the number of training hours set as an objective in the user profile, we show a new component with the weekly minutes objective and those accumulated up until now.


  • Pairing with sensors

The communication has improved in terms of pairing sensors.  The pairing icon now follows a traffic light system:

    • Yellow: is the initial status, where no devices has been searched for yet.  If after searching for devices and finding them, the user then decides not to pair any device, the status remains the same.

    • Green: once the user has decided to pair certain devices, the icon turns green provided that all these devices remain connected.

    • Red: once the user has decided to pair certain devices, if one of them disconnects for any reason, the icon turns red to indicate that one of the devices which should be connected no longer is.


  • Points system


Redefined and improved points system for classes, which instead of showing a percentage of the activity completed, shows an accumulated number of points.  The closer to the objective you manage to be throughout the class, the more points you will accumulate.  The longer the class is, the more points you will be able to accumulate as well.  Furthermore, the more intense zones give more points than less intense ones, so that meeting the objective in the difficult zones is rewarded more than doing so the easier zones.





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