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Right of exclusion in official BKOOL competitions

What does the right of exclusion entail in Bkool competitions?

In order to avoid cheating or irregularities in all official BKOOL competitions, the competition organization will reserve the right to disqualify, always with prior notice, those participants whose data in one or more stages jeopardize the proper functioning of the competition.

In each competition, BKOOL implements an automated system to detect irregularities, supervised by a team of technicians in charge of analyzing results. This jury will have access to the profile history of all participants in the BKOOL database, and will compare competition results to previous performances and each competitor’s established fitness level.

All competition results are subject to review by BKOOL. Those that are considered faulty will be discarded, either because of the data recorded during the session, or because the data provided is not correct or truthful. Likewise, the participant's history will be monitored to verify that the data provided is true and does not indicate sudden, unrealistic changes in physical or performance parameters.

The objective of the right of exclusion

What we pursue with this process is to guarantee proper function and fairness in official BKOOL competitions. We greatly appreciate the efforts of all participants and therefore, we cannot allow the results of our competitions to be altered by any type of irregularity, whether intentional or accidental.

How will the right of exclusion be applied in BKOOL competitions?

After notifying the participant in question, the organization will eliminate the stage or stages that present unrealistic data so that the participant’s data does not count in the competition classification. If subsequently, this practice is repeated by the same user, the organization will immediately disqualify them from the competition.

In those cases in which the cause of these possible results is miscalibration of the trainer, BKOOL will contact the participant to help him solve the technical problem. The participant will then need to repeat the session so that it can be recorded with realistic data.

Issues that will be taken into account when invalidating results:

  • Significant user weight modifications with the intention of improving performance data, as well as submitting unrealistic values.
  • Abrupt and inexplicable changes in performance (when compared to user’s history).
  • Averages of watts and watts/kilogram that do not correspond to reality:


    • During 20 minutes or more: data above 5.25 w/kg.
    • During 5 minutes: data above 6.1 w/kg.
    • During 1 minute: data above 9.8 w/kg.
    • During 5 seconds: data above 21 w/kg.


    • During 20 minutes or more: data above 4.5 w/kg.
    • During 5 minutes: data above 5.3 w/kg.
    • During 1 minute: data above 7.9 w/kg.
    • During 5 seconds: data above 16.3 w/kg.
  • Inconsistent or unrealistic speed or power spikes.
  • Inconsistent or unrealistic speed averages.
  • Evidence of inadequate calibration or errors in the devices used.


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