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How to create a private session

To create a private session protected by a password, these are the steps to must follow:

Login to your Bkool account at BKOOL.com> Sessions. Once the session you want to do with your colleagues is located, click on Configure, this option appears when you put the cursor over it. Later, in the details section (top right) you will see the password option.



You must share with your colleagues the session name, the password, and the time at which you have programmed it, with this information they can find it and start at the same time. They need to access to the simulator, click Menu> Search> Routes> Filter. We recommend filtering by the username, in order to find the session.

Once they will have found the session, they can enter the password next to the red padlock, that appears when the session opens.

In this way you can compete, with your colleagues without anyone else joining the session

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