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BKOOL Mobile and BKOOL Remote Control

BKOOL informs that BKOOL Mobile and BKOOL Remote applications are officially no longer available for download them from the different stores. We don't rule out re-introducing them in the future, once we make significant improvements.

If you already have the BKOOL Mobile app installed on your smartphone, you can continue using it; but your activities will not be uploaded to your Bkool profile.

If you have the BKOOL Remote app on your smartphone, it is not longer available, but you can continue changing gears from the simulator.

Remember that from your device you can also change the gears, in the GEAR option, using the + and -  keys or on the screen in the case of being a Tablet.


To track workouts, remember that BKOOL Cycling and the BKOOL website offer you detailed analysis of your cycling evolution, helping you to improve day by day. In addition, BKOOL allows you to ride with and against cyclists from all over the world, create your own routes, design personalized workouts, and ride in a different place every day of the year.

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