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Epic Stages in France

Epic Stages in France by Bkool is an innovative virtual cycling competition. Organized by Bkool, the competition is made up of 5 independent online races, which run through the most famous mountain passes in France:

  • Alpe D'Huez
  • Col du Telegraphe
  • Aubisque
  • Col d'Izoard
  • Col du Tourmalet

To join Epic Stages in France by Bkool , participants will only have to:

 - Have a Bkool account, new users can register at Bkool.com.
 - Have a Premium subscription.
 - Have a smart trainer (of any of the brands available in the market),
 - Perform at least one of the races in the competition during the period established in the stages calendar.

Calendar and Ranking

STAGE                                            DATES


  • Alpe D'Huez                                                    From 10/7 to 14/7
  • Col du Telegraphe                                           From 15/7 to 18/7
  • Aubisque                                                         From 19/7 to 22/7
  • Col d'Izoard                                                     From 23/7 to 26/7
  • Col du Tourmalet                                             From 27/7 to 31/7


On the official website of the event, cyclists will be able to know the calendar of the races as well as the period available to participate in each of the races, and follow the classifications that will be updated once a day.

When you enter Bkool Cycling, you'll see the stage corresponding to each week at the top. Finish the session and save it. Ride the stages whenever you want and repeat them as many times as you need. Your best time will always be recorded in the ranking.  

You can find further information of  this competition here.



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