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BKOOL Video Route Editor- User's manual


1. Download BKOOL Video Route Editor

After recording your video route according to the recommendations present in the article How to record your video route, you can download the video editor from Bkool.com and install it on your PC or Mac. 

We recommend using Windows 10 in the case of PC or MacOSX 10.14 in the case of Mac.

When starting the application, you will have to select if you want to start a new project or load an existing project.


2. Create a new project

Before creating a new project, ensure you have the following prepared:

  • The video of your recording
  • The associated GPX file.

If your video has pauses or moments which you need to cut, you must do so using your camera manufacturer's application.  If this is the case, ensure that the GPS file is also synchronised with the modified video.

The process for creating a new project is very simple:

  • Select the video file
  • Select the GPX file
  • If your GPX file does not include a title, add one to the project.
  • You can now review your route!

The editor itself will carry out checks between the video and the GPX file, and if they are not compatible you will not be able to continue.


3. Return to an existing project

Just select the project file which you have saved beforehand (with a BVR extension) and upload it. If the project is not compatible or the video is not in the correct location, the application will notify you.

4. Route review

The route review screen is divided into three areas:

  • The video player
  • The map showing the GPS track
  • Lower panel with a gradient graph or data table.


When playing the video, the map will update itself to show the position of each piece of data registered by the GPS.  You will also be able to see the position directly on the data table.

When you pause the video, the graph will indicate which position is the closest GPS point.  If you click on anywhere on the graph, you will automatically be positioned on the closest registered GPS point.


4.1. Most common corrections to be made

The data obtained through GPS in some cases may contain errors, especially of altitude. This type of error can be a setback when creating a session as close as possible to reality.  It is not unusual for your GPS device to register erroneous data at some point: the gradient graph will allow you to quickly detect any peaks you need to correct.


You must also check the entire GPS track is correct, that it follows the same route you have done in the video and is faithful to your actual route.  We also recommend you review on various points in the video that the map position is correct, otherwise the simulation will not match the reality.

  • Altimetry corrections

The editor will notify you of the number of segments with error, in other words those which have a overly large jump in height, and therefore the elevation is not correct.  If there are errors of this type, you will be notified by an icon to the right of the editor, just above the graph. If you do not see the icon, it means your route does not contain any errors.


If you click on said icon, the system will automatically take you to the position of the first error in the data table, which you will see marked in red.


To correct an elevation problem, you must select the corresponding row.


Then you will have two options:

You can try to correct the elevation automatically from our systems.

If our system cannot correct the elevation, you can manually adjust the gradient in this zone.  In these instances we recommend maintaining values coherent with respect to the nearby elevations, both those which come before and those which come after.


You can also select a profile area and correct a segment, in you see that there is a clear error:

  • Correcting points on the map

This feature allows you to make slight corrections to the position of points on the map, or to delete some point if it is erroneous.  This is a feature which you should not normally use unless it is for some exceptional point.  If your GPS track is erroneous, you will not be able to correct it adequately through this procedure, because the video and the track would not be correctly synchronised.


To the lower right-hand side of the map you have three options:

  • Move along the map without moving the track.
  • Move the closest point on the track to the position indicated on the map.
  • Delete the point closest to the track.

You can view the following video to understand the options.


5. Publishing your route

We recommend you save your project various time during editing, and above all, before publishing.  This way, if any problem occurs when uploading the video, you will be able to retry uploading it easily without losing your progress.

Before publishing your video route, review the restrictions of content and use.  They are important, because if you do not fulfill some of them, the video will not be published.  

To finish, click on the ‘Publish’ button, identify yourself with your BKOOL user and upload your route.  The upload process could last various minutes depending on the size of the video.  Please do not close the application or switch off your computer until the process has finished.


6. Service conditions

The BKOOL video route editor, as well as its use, and the publication of videos by users, are regulated by the Privacy and Terms of Use Policy of BKOOL.


6.1. Restrictions of content and use.

Not complying with any of the following rules will invalidate your video and the file will not be accepted.

  • Bkool.com does not allow the publication of pornographic or sexual content.
  • We do not permit the publication of videos with content featuring illegal conduct or activities. For example, discrimination against persons, in any way; the abuse or mistreatment of animals; or the consumption of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any other controlled or restricted use substances.
  • Explicit or senseless violence is not allowed. If someone is assaulted, attacked, or humiliated on your video, do not post it. Bkool.com is not a site intended for the publication of shocking images. Do not post videos of disturbing accidents, dead bodies or anything of the kind for the purpose of causing astonishment or revulsion.
  • Bkool.com is not a website for shocking images.  Do not publish videos of accidents, dead bodies, or similar items, with the aim of causing commotion or shock.
  • Respect copyrights. Upload only videos created by you or videos you have a right to use. This means that you must not upload videos that you have not created, or use content in your videos whose copyrights belong to another person (such as music tracks, snippets of programs protected by copyrights), or videos created by other users, without their necessary authorization.
  • Videos recorded by users may not include advertising. Any video containing unauthorized advertising will be considered invalid.
  • Any video featuring excessive images of the cyclist or parts of the car, motorcycle or bike that was used for recording will be rejected. Videos that are blurry, skewed, or feature clearly unsatisfactory focus angles will also be considered invalid. Avoid the excessive use of logos or text in the videos that you record, as these could constitute grounds for their invalidation.
  • Avoid the excessive use of logos or text in the videos that you record, as these could constitute grounds for their invalidation.

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