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Family subscription

The Family Plan is now available for all BKOOL users, which will allow three members of the same family to share their BKOOL Premium account at a special price of €129 per year (€43/year per user). With this new option, here at BKOOL we aim to encourage users to do sport at home and make it easier for all family members to enjoy their favorite activities with us at the best possible price.

Users of the Family Plan will be able to connect with up to 3 different devices simultaneously, as long as they are at the same address. The maximum number of registered devices will be 5, although they can be changed up to 3 times in 1 year. On the other hand, the members included in the Family Plan, a maximum of 3, may also be changed twice a year.

The subscription to the Family Plan can only consist of three users. A subscription holder, who will make the payment and two people invited by the subscription holder. Invited individuals who agree to be part of the Family Plan to which they have been invited will lose their current subscription.

Throughout the duration of the Family Plan, its members will not be able to redeem free or discount subscription coupons.

A user who already has a monthly or annual Premium subscription can switch to a Family plan as the main account holder for their next renewal by accessing Bkool.com > Subscription > Change your subscription, as shown in the footer.

The refund of the amount paid corresponding to the Family Plan will only be made if requested from BKOOL within the following 14 days from the date the service was charged. The holder of the Family Plan must contact the support team through this form to request a refund of the subscription.

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