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Microsoft DirectX

For the next version of BKOOL Cycling, a series of changes have been planned that allow the improvement of the simulator's performance, as well as keeping up with the best 3D technology.

These changes will cause some devices with Windows operating systems to stop supporting Bkool software.


What devices does this change affect?

Windows uses Microsoft DirectX technology that enables devices to perform better in multimedia-related tasks. Devices that have an old version (approximately prior to 2012) of Microsoft DirectX will not be able to use BKOOL Cycling.


How to see the version of Microsoft DirectX that your device has?

1- Enter the simulator.


2. Click on the menu.



3. Enter "About app", scroll down to the Graphics option and you will see the version of your DirectX.



If the version that appears is Direct3D 10, Direct3D 11 or Direct3D 12 (as is the case in the image) you will be able to use the new version of BKOOL Cycling without problems.

If the version is Direct3D 9.0 you will have to update your version of DirectX. In the event that your device does not allow this update, another device will be required to use the Bkool simulator.

How to update the version of DirectX?

We recommend that you try updating your Microsoft software.

To learn more about your device and if it can support the new versions of Microsoft DirectX, enter the DirectX help area, where they describe:

-What is DirectX.
-How to check the version installed via Windows.
-Versions and updates of DirectX by Operating System.


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