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Assioma Pedals

Power meters measure the mechanical power you release at the level of the pedals; all the real-time data, measured in watts, is sent to the simulator and serves as an objective reference for your performance. The underlying concept is really simple: the more power you are releasing (that is, the higher the number of the watts), the better your performance is. The most important thing is that this is a one-to-one ratio that can't be distorted by external factors. Unlike the most commonly used speed data, the ratio power-performance can't be altered by other factors such as high temperature, road imperfections, wheel diameter, etc.


How to Install Assioma: just Like a Common Pedal

You can install the Assioma power meter pedals on the crank arm of your bike in just a few minutes without the assistance of a mechanic, safely and easily by yourself.


Different ways of connecting Assioma with BKOOL Cycling

If you choose to use Bluetooth, you must know there are 3 possible configurations, you can switch between them with the Assioma application.

  • Assioma UNO: The application will connect to the left pedal, and the power will be multiplied times 2.
  • Assioma DUO (Dual Channel): Currently at BKOOL Cycling it is not possible to connect to both pedals independently, so you will connect to either the right or the left one, and we will multiply it by 2 as well. We are currently working on this, and soon it will be possible.
  • Assioma DUO (Unified Channel): internally the Assioma pedals will connect to each other and will send the power measure unified in one channel. Currently this is the best option, as you will have a more accurate reading. Remember to stay alert for any changes.

Unlike Bluetooth, ANT+ will connect with both pedals without any setup on the user side.


Converting a Assioma UNO into DUO

There is an option in Assioma application settings where we will turn the two UNO pedals into one DUO system or vice-versa.  Select the Convert Assioma UNO into Assioma Duo Option.



Once you select the above option you will be prompted to confirm the conversion.




On the next screen you will choose ASSOCIATE to connect the right and left pedals.




Now their connection is complete.  From now on you will see the pedals as a DUO setup.




Now, the pedals need to be configured so that they are unified as one channel for a better experience in BKOOL Cycling.  This will allow the app to connect to one pedal but receive data from both.  The Left pedal will then be the only one paired to the simulator.  Select Compatibility with Other Apps from the menu:



And then set the pedals to Unified channel L:




Configure BKOOL to work with a Assioma UNO

Only one pedal will be detected if you have the UNO pedals.  The power meter is found in the left pedal.  The configuration will be exactly the same as above except you will need to make sure that your pedal is configured as an UNO and not a DUO.

BKOOL will automatically double the power of a single-sided power meter, so there is no need to toggle the Double the Power switch.  Anyway if you leave it ON nothing will happen, BKOOL will detect it and set the correct power.


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