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Subscription renewal error

If you receive an email from BKOOL informing you that there has been an error in your subscription renewal or you have noticed it in your profile on bkool.com, we inform you that this is due to a series of updates in the payment process by the banks. This won't affect your Premium subscription. BKOOL will allow you to remain Premium, even if the subscription renewal has not yet been carried out.

The new European regulations on PSD2 payment services makes it necessary to implement updates to our system so that your transactions with BKOOL are made as safely as possible. 

We are updating our payment processors in order to adapt to the new regulations regarding secure payment through double authentication, as the security of our users is a priority for us.

If you are affected by this error and the system does not recognize you as a Premium user, please contact us through the following form, using the phrase: "Subscription renewal error" as subject.

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