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How to compete against yourself

To be able to compete against the time you achieved previously on the same route, you just need to start a session at bkool.com > MY ACTIVITY > History, click on the name of the session you want to repeat, and when the session details appear, click on COPY.


You will see the session in ‘Scheduled’, click on Edit.


On the left hand side, select ‘Show my times’ and Users: ‘Me’, so the time you did for this session will appear. Click on the option shown with your time and it will be added to your programmed session as a Ghost.



NOTE: To avoid discrepancies with the times, we recommend using Ghosts from September 2019 onwards, due to the fact that this is when an improvement was implemented to the Speed readings and it might affect the session.  


How to compete against another cyclist’s Ghost

Select the route you want to do by clicking on the route's name.


Click on ‘SET-UP’.


The result will be shown with the number of Ghosts available. In the bar on the left-hand side of the screen you will be able to filter, and even limit the search to friends, by setting the Users field to the option ‘Friends’.

Once you have selected the Ghost you want to compete against, the session will be shown in your scheduled sessions. 

In the session, the Ghost will appear in a translucent blue colour.



Note: To avoid any issues with the Ghost from occurring, the Ghost must be from September 2019 onwards.



The Bots are virtual racers which you can add to your session to compete against.Currently, BKOOL has 5 Bots with different characteristics:

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