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Live Coach

  • What is Live Coach?

BKOOL offers a new training system, with workouts designed to improve your fitness and a live trainer to guide you throughout the session.

Every day a new workout will be available on the main menu of BKOOL Cycling, designed by a mceclip0.png trainer, in order to improve the physical capacities of all those users who do these workouts day after day.

Premium BKOOL users will be able to access these workouts at any time. They will also have the option of joining a live coach-assisted workout at a set time each day. Using the Discord app, the coach will observe and guide the users taking part in the session so they can achieve their objectives.


  • What is Discord?

Discord is a free app that you can download from this link on any device. The Live Coach video channel on Discord lets you interact with the coach during classes, and the text (chat) channel is always available for any questions, problems or queries you want to send to the Wattslab coaches.


You don't have to use the camera if you don't want, but if it's on, the coaches will be able to give you real-time feedback on your position and pedaling technique. Find more information on how to install and use our Discord channel in this article.



For now this option is only available in Spanish and English, but we hope to expand it to other languages in the future.


  • What is mceclip0.png?

It's a company that is 100% focused on training for cyclists. It has professional coaches who will help you improve your form because, as its mantra says, “the fitter you are, the more you enjoy cycling”. You can find more information on its website, Watts Lab | Cycling studio | Entrenamiento ciclismo en Madrid

  • How do I access a session with a live trainer?

The daily workout designed by Watts Lab will be available at the top of the main menu of BKOOL Cycling. You can join when the live session with the coach starts, or you can enjoy the workout with just one click at any other time of day if you would rather to do it on your own or with other users.


Once the session with the live coach begins, you can listen to the coach's instructions and interact with him/her and other users on our Discord channel. Discord is a totally free messaging app, and in our community you can access the LiveCoach_video channel, where the video call will be made.



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