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BKOOL Spin Studio on Apple Watch

The BKOOL Spin Studio app on Apple Watch has been designed as an extension of the existing app itself. With it you can easily follow the class data while the pulse reading is displayed.


What do you need?

  • The minimum version of the Watch is watchOS 6.0. (From Apple Watch Series 2)
  • The watch is paired to an iPhone, so it will only work with that iPhone.
  • To read the pulse data it is necessary to have the Apple HEALTH app (currently only available on iPhone).
  • It is necessary to allow BKOOL Spin Studio to write and and to certain parameters in the Health app, such as the pulse reading and the training creator.
  • To be a BKOOL Premium user.


As a general rule, when you install the BKOOL Spin Studio app from the Apple Store, it will be installed automatically on the watch.

If by any chance this has not been the case, there is an app on the iPhone that is used to manage the device, called Watch. At the bottom of the screen, it will show a list of the apps installed and possible to install.



How does it work?

Once the app is installed, there are 4 very simple steps to perform from your iPhone:

  • Open the BKOOL Spin Studio app
  • Login
  • Authorize Health data
  • And pair the watch

With these steps, you can now perform a training without problem.



The pairing will be done automatically every time you open the BKOOL Spin Studio app and the watch will appear as connected.

In the event that the health permissions have not been approved, a message will be displayed informing of such need and with a link to enable the permissions.

From the Watch app itself you can see the status of the connection with the iPhone and the pairing as an external device (heart rate monitor).

If the connection icon is red, it means that the watch is not connected as a heart rate monitor. In green, it means that it is connected.


Imagen spin studio en.png


Data displayed on the Watch

Once you log in to BKOOL Spin Studio from your iPhone, you can continue doing almost all the actions and complete workouts from the Watch, without having to depend on the iPhone.



  • Home -> You can select the classes that you like the most.
  • My activity -> You will have the list of all the activities carried out.
  • Devices -> This option allows you to pair your trainer or bike with the watch.
  • Profile -> You will be able to see all the data of your profile, although not edit them, for this you will have to access from your iPhone.


Start a class on your Apple Watch

From your Apple Watch you can select the class you want to do, even filter between all available classes. Once the class begins you will have the options to see all the data that is displayed and to hear your instructor, even if the video is not played.


Apple Fitness achievements and challenges

The BKOOL Spin Studio classes will be taken into account within the Apple Fitness achievements and challenges game, where you will not only be able to complete the movement, exercise and standing time compliance rings, but you will also be able to unlock achievements for said training.




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