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How does the BKOOL rewards  referral program work?

If you have a Premium subscription in BKOOL, you can invite your friend to register in BKOOL, and thus you will be able to enjoy free inscription entry to the Giro d'Italia Virtual and your friend will receive a 20% discount on their first year of subscription to BKOOL Premium.

-Steps to send an invitation

Log in to bkool.com, access your profile by clicking on your name at the top right, several options will appear, click on “Recommend a friend”.

Share the link shown in your profile with your friends.



Each BKOOL Premium user has their own link. Once your friend has clicked on the link you have sent them, they will be able to register at BKOOL, with a 20% discount offer for the first year. If your friend completes the registration in BKOOL, you will receive via email a coupon to register for the Giro d'Italia Virtual totally free.


-Steps to redeem an invitation link:

Click on the link you have been sent and register at BKOOL. Please note that if you register without following this thread or without using the link that was sent to you via email, the 20% discount offer for the first year will not be valid.



After registration you can enjoy all the Premium features for 30 days for free.

Once you have complete the registration for BKOOL Premium, you can invite a friend who is not yet registered with BKOOL, so that you can also enjoy a free invitation to the Giro d'Italia Virtual.


Some notes to keep in mind.

-If the link doesn't work, please try another browser.

-There are no limits, you can send the link to as many people as you want, first you will receive an invitation to the  Gito d'Italia Virtual for free, and then you will accumulate the 20% discount on your annual subscription.

-The expiration of the link is subject to changes that can be made from the BKOOL Management.

-The coupon that the user who invites receives with 20% of the annual subscription is cumulative, that is, it is added to the subscription that they currently have.

-It is not possible to choose the prize, the free invitation to the Giro d'Italia Virtual is always received first and then if more friends are invited, they will subsequently receive the 20% discount on the annual subscription.

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