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Update to new version 6.12 for Windows

In some cases, to install the latest update of the BKOOL Cycling on Windows, you must first uninstall BKOOL Cycling on your computer.

Then, install the latest version of the program (V6.12), from:

BKOOL Cycling Simulator - Indoor Cycling Without Limits

If you encounter any problems during the update, please contact our support team by clicking in the "?" button.


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    Tom Ambros

    Running win10.  Received update this morning.  Now the app shows as v6.02 (220307.2303).  Doesn't appear that it is necessary to uninstall the app and download again - unless there's something I'm missing.  Is there?

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    Hi Tom, 
    We ask to uninstall the previous version to avoid conflicts when updating, but it does not seem to be your case.

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