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Bodytone at BKOOL

In order to help our users who use Bodytone, we would like to share in this article the behavior of both models, DS60 and SMB1 with BKOOL.

Bodytone DS60

You can only pair this device with BKOOL via Bluetooth. Once the Bike is paired, you will be able to do the session, taking into account that the data that appears in BKOOL is that provided by the Bike.

Please note, it is not a Smart bike, so the resistance is not controllable by BKOOL. All the characteristics of the Bodytone DS60 model can be found on the manufacturer's website by clicking English.png.


Bodytone SMB1 V1 and V2

Regarding the behavior of the Bodytone SMB1 with BKOOL, there is no difference between the V1 and V2 models, since the differences are more related to the physical product (sticker, bottle rack, seat post, horizontally adjustable handlebar...).

Like the DS60 model, it can only be paired to BKOOL via Bluetooth.

The SMB1 model is a Smart Bike, so BKOOL can control the resistance during the session once they are correctly paired. The user can regulate the resistance applied with the manual changes of the bike, it is only necessary to take into account that the application will update the information at each change of slope.

The change of console made from one model to another, from the DS60 to the SMB1, causes the optimization of the watts calculation with respect to the previous model, but as indicated before, this is the result of the information that the Bike sends to BKOOL.



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