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Loss of communication between the trainer and the computer/tablet

Loss of communication between the trainer and the computer/tablet can happen for many reasons, most of them related to the environment where we train. We propose you the following solutions:

  • Turn off all wireless devices in your room such as a mouse, keyboard, speakers, headphones, phones, baby intercoms, smartwatches, etc. HDMI cables from the computer to a TV can also create interferences.
  • If you are using an ANT + USB antenna, change it to another port on your PC.
  • If the problem persists, try connecting it using a USB extension cable (no longer than 50-100 cm). Getting your ANT+ stick away from the computer/tablet will reduce the interference so you got a clean signal. This usually solves 95% of incidents.
  • There may be static energy that prevents communication. In this case we propose:
    • Make sure that the wheel pressure is around 7-8 bar and that it is not worn. 
    • Not all covers generate the same static energy, it depends on their composition and condition. The static energy can get inside the trainer, causing communication and resistance drops. We recommend NOT to use Michelin Lythion2, Michelin ProRace 3, Vittoria Zaffiro Pro, BTWIN Home Trainer, Schwalbe Insider Performance, Tacx Trainer tyre or Continental Grand Prix 4000, in any case. Try replacing the rear cover with a tougher road cover, we always recommend this one: Michelin Dynamic Sports.
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