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Power difference

If you notice that the power data displayed does not match what it should, we recommend that you follow these steps:

 - Please make sure that the trainer or bike has the latest firmware version available from the manufacturer's website.

 - Then enter your Web profile and check if your weight and FTP level are correct, they may affect resistance (and wattage) while pedalling.

 - Afterwards, open the BKOOL simulator and enter the Pairing menu. In the main screen, click on Forget my devices and unlink them. Then close the simulator program entirely.

 - Open up again the BKOOL simulator and try the pairing again, selecting the trainer or bike as the main device and exit the Pairing screen.

 - Then try playing a new workout, with at least 1-minute warm-up phase, to see if readings are more accurate now.

Please note that there could be up to 5-10% difference in power readings between two power meters or trainers.

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