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Get started at BKOOL

Create your BKOOL account

You can create your account at bkool.com


Go to bkool.com and clic on the Register button.


Fill in your email and password and click on the “Register” button.

You will receive an email to verify your email address.


You can select the annual, monthly or family renewal of your subscription. This renewal will be done automatically and can be canceled at any time.

How can I cancel my Premium subscription?

Fill in all the fields to complete the registration process.

Download the app

Before downloading the app, we recommend that you check if your device meets the minimum characteristics.

You can download the BKOOL Cycling app from here on PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX).

If you have a tablet or mobile (Android), search for the BKOOL Cycling app on Google Play.

Sign in to the app

Once you have downloaded the application, double click on it.

You will see the login screen. Sign in using your email address and password. This same data will also be used when logging in from bkool.com and the app.


Your main screen will look like the image below.


You have more information about the available functionalities of the application in the BKOOL Cycling Manual.

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